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Principles of Spelling And Publication


1) In Route Educational & Social Science (RESS), writings sent in the form of copyright, preparation text (edition critical), translation, book promotion and evaluation, meeting notes are evaluated.

2) The manuscripts submitted to the journal must not have been previously published in another publication or should not be in the evaluation phase for publication.

3) If the manuscripts were previously presented as a paper at a scientific meeting, the manuscript may be published if it is deemed appropriate by the editorial board, provided that the date and place are specified. All responsibilities in this regard are the responsibility of the authors.

4) Articles registered in the Article Tracking System (ATS) are first reviewed by the editor in the context of the RESS Writing and Publication Principles. If there are any parts that need to be corrected by the author, the writer is requested to return by writing.

5) Writes that do not conform to the RESS Spelling and Publication Guidelines will not be sent and published.

6) Articles approved by the editor in ATS shall be sent at least two remarks on the same system. Where necessary, the work can be reviewed from more than one trial. The final decision on the work to be published is based on the opinion of the majority of the referees. The referee's recommendation is meticulously followed by the editor. The journal reserves the right to make corrections to the submitted articles and to publish / publish the articles. The names of the author (s) and the arbitrators shall be kept confidential mutually in the works submitted to the evaluation.

7) The author (s) may object to the referees on condition that they show evidence of their negative opinions. This objection shall be examined and, if deemed necessary, the opinions of the different referees shall be consulted.

8) Referee-editor, editor-writer can post messages in the Article Tracking System. It can be found on offer and additional notice.

9) The author shall be notified of the number of publications to be published.

10) All processes take place electronically.

11) RessJournal is a professional, double blind peer-reviewed international journal that aims to involve scholars not only from Turkey and Arabic Countries, but also from all international academic and professional community. The journal provides a platform for different theoretical and thematic approaches.




Page structure

Entries must be written in Microsoft Word or the Quark Macintosh program. 

Page structures should be organized as follows:

Paper Size

A4 Vertical


Title and Summary Section Page

Other Pages

Top Margin

 2,5 cm

 2,5 cm

Bottom Margin

 2,5 cm

 2,5 cm

Left Margin

 3 cm

 2,5 cm

Right Margin

 3 cm

 2,5 cm


Bookman Old Style

Font Size

Normal Text

English Title

Turkish Title

Footnote, Abstract and Table





Paragraph Entry

The paragraph indent should not be used, and each paragraph should be followed by a subscript.


Article Title


The title should be in Turkish and English. English should be left with a space before the title, the title should be centered. All fonts should be written in bold and capital letters, and font size should be 16 points. English title should be written under the heading of English and should be centered. The font size of the capitals should be 12 pt. The range value of both headings is 0, then 15 nk.

Yazar Adı ve Adresi

Yazının başlığının altında yazar adı, unvanı, görev yaptığı kurum ve kendisine ulaşılabilecek e-posta adresi gibi bilgilere yer verilmemelidir. Yazar adları, editör tarafından görülebildiğinden, bu bilgiler yazıya editör tarafından eklenecektir. Yazılar sisteme eklenirken, yazara ait herhangi bir bilginin yazıda yer almadığından emin olunmalıdır. Bu husus, makaleyi inceleyecek hakemlere daha rahat hareket imkânı tanıması açısından önemlidir.

Author Name and Address

The title of the article should not include information such as the name of the author, the title, the institution he / she works for, and the e-mail address to which he / she can be reached. As author names can be seen by the editor, this information will be added by the editor. When articles are added to the system, make sure that any information belonging to the author is not included in the article. This is important in terms of allowing the referee to examine the article more easily.



At the beginning of the verse, there should be an English abstract and a Turkish summary consisting of 150-250 words, expressing the subject in a short and concise manner. One line must be left blank before the Abstract and Abstract headings, and the headings should be centered in bold, with only the first letter capitalized. The font size should be 8 points, the range value is 6, then 0. Turkish abstracts of articles written in other languages ​​other than Turkish can be written by the Journal editor if necessary.


Keywords should be 3-5 words / keywords. Key words should be typed in bold font and left-aligned with 8 points. Fonts that follow should be typed in 8-point fonts.

The first key of the first key must be large, the next key words must be separated by commas, and the capitalization conditions specified in the TDK spelling guide must be considered. After the last Keyword, the dot should be placed.



Article; should begin with a "Introduction" section in which the approaches in the literature on purpose, scope and research and the methodology of this work are addressed. The entry title should appear on the next page in a summary, the title should be centered and written in bold with 12 pt.


Main Text

Manuscripts must be typed in 10 fonts with "Bookman Old Style" font and should be leaned side by side. The lines should be arranged as 6, then 0, with the interval value being one-spaced. Also, if a special font is used, the font used should be sent with the text.



The headings "Introduction, Find, Conclusion, References and Attachments" should be written in bold, capital letters and should be centered with a blank space in front of it. The font size of the titles should be 12 points.

The headers should lie to the left if they are in the coil of the subhead. The first level headings should be written in bold, with the first letters of the words being 11 pt. Only the first word of the second level headings should start with capital letters and the title should be written with 11 points. Roman numerals should be used at the beginning of the third level headings, figures should start at 0.5 cm indentation. Only the first word of the headline with 10 points should start with capital letters.


Basis for Use of Documents, Tables, Figures and Graphics

Sequence numbers should be given to figures, photographs, graphics and drawings, and the title should be written on the title as it comes in the text. Table, figure, graph etc. When the headings are written, the words "Table 1. Graph 1. Figure 1." should be written in italics and should be centered after the bold writing.



The annexes (documents) should be given at the end of the article and should include a brief description of the content of the document underneath and a source in accordance with the criteria for showing the scientific source.


Quotations and Referrals

Written letters to RESS should be prepared in American Psychological Association (APA) style in reference system, format of footnotes and bibliography. The APA-VI criteria should be the version that authors will consider.

Quote poetry, story, etc. the texts should be written in italics in blocks 0,5 cm inside the left and right of the line according to the main text. The sentences in the text should be written in parentheses as follows.


Resource Presentation

APA and MLA systems should be used in articles submitted to our Jurnal. The accuracy of the sources is the responsibility of the authors. Notes and references should be separated. If so, the notes should be numbered in the text and placed on the bottom of the page in the order of the numbers.



1. Articles; notes, tables, figures, graphics and references.

2. The manuscript language of the Jurnal is English, Arabic and Turkish. Text may be accepted in other languages when necessary.

3. Articles that do not contain abstract, abstract, keywords and keywords will not be considered.

4. It is obligatory to comply with the rules of linguistic information (spelling, punctuation, clarity, comprehensibility, etc.) in the works submitted to the journal. The writer is completely responsible for the problems and criticisms that may arise.

5. All the copyright of the manuscripts belonging to the manuscript belongs to the journal and can not be published, reproduced or used without showing the source without permission from RESS. In addition, any legal liability that may arise from the writings belongs to the


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