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Childhood of sociology remains one of the barest areas to be scrutinized. It is crucial to conduct investigation into the setting of children and what kind of network children establish through dialogues. The theoretical basis of this study is based on the theory of power by Foucault, the concept of social dialogue by Falzon. Social dialogue contains elements that take place as a result of an encounter and in which individuals hardly succumb to each other, our beliefs and desires do not fit into each other easily and are independendt of us , do resist us and tend to affect us where necessary. In accordance with the theory of power by Foucault, it is explained that power starts from the smallest unit of a society, that is, family and extends to the macro power. Power relations are composed of three layers, strategic relations, management techniques and subjugation states. Foucault uses the term power relations rather than power. By using this term, it is meant that a person may direct someone into doing something. Therefore, power relations contain properties that may exchange and can be reversed. All these processes occur through social dialogue is an important component of this process. Social dialogue involves struggling, being frank and transformative. 32 participants aged 14 took part in the study. The data were collected through interview, diary and scenario techniques. The results showed that the participants were mostly confined to the settings of family and schools and they felt more oppression in families and schools but felt much better in private courses and friendship settings.

Social dialogue, power, power relations, solidarity, children, family


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