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The purpose of this study, the methods which put forth for the development of creative reading and to describe their developmental stages. Creative reading which is used in an environment, primarily techniques and tools that can be done in the context of students in classes and texts are mentioned. Afterwards, the answers such questions in what ways the application should be done have been sought. In student interaction with the text; on issues such as descriptive stage, personal interpretation, critical analysis and creative action stages are included. Creative reading method is tried to explain step by step with sample questions. The issues such as on which methods applications that will be held in the classroom should be and how an application will be made is dealt with. In the study which field survey and document analysis methods are used, by referring to the starting process of creative reading the teacher-student relationship dimension also are of the questions which sought answers. On creative reading teacher's ability what he can do on the field of reading are focused. Finally, by dealing with the emotional factors on creative reading ,the developmental process of creative reading skills has been demonstrated.

Creative reading, creative reading development and method, emotional factors


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