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Kaygusuz Abdal one of the strong points of Turkish mystic literature, he has written many poetry, verse and mixed works of poetry-verse. When these works are examined, it is seen that the love affair is handled intensely. Because Kaygusuz Abdal is a love journey that faithfully leads the path of God and he also wants to tell to others this blessed way. Kaygusuz Abdal, a lover of Abdal Musa dervish lodge, has a Horasan belief which origin comes from Turkestan. He; melamet school, took its final shape in the Abdal Musa; one of the earliest examples of the abdalian form that the traveler dervish formed in Anatolia. The lover type in his works is also a love pilgrim equipped with this disposition. Kaygusuz Abdal prefers to speak to his lover type, the language of the melamet in Turkish-Islamic guild and brotherhood phase and uses the name of his lover. In our cultural history, most of the works on love are edited on two opposite types of love. Kaygusuz, in his poems, he places love / Ahî on one side of love-oriented fiction, and nâşî on the other. Nâşî is Kaygusuz's negative form of love path with melamet disposition. Nâşî is more moves with the values of the worlds of matter, so it is contributed to the journey of the love by removing it against the love. These two-pointed poles, which are met with the words of a ahî and nâşî in the works of Kaygusuz Abdal, are prepared for the rint-zahit conflict which will be widely spoken in the following centuries. In this study, the poles which are represented by the type of love / ahî and nâşî will be determined in accordance with the poems of Kaygusuz Abdal and thus attempts to draw portraits of the type of love that is idealized in the heterodox products of Turkish mystic literature and the type opposite to it.

Kaygusuz Abdal, type, ahî, nâşî, lover, prayerful


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