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The accumulated total of knowledge in natural and human science outweighs the capacity of individual human. Thus, the way reaching the educational goals shows similar changes accordingly. Nowadays following question was comeacrossed “what, how much and how should be teached” In this circumstances, educational systems and their executers exhibit diversity and novelty. There are lots of proposals to make education effective, smart, amazing and sustainable in World-Wide education contest. The computers and related technologies of informatics become almost inevitable and come forth due to ease of handling and accessibility. The Flipped Classroom is one of them and its theory and practice become popular in our country Turkey and as well as in World. In this study, It is attributed that the initial perceptions of candidate teachers towards the Flipped Classroom. The candidate teachers (n=145) from 17 different branches and also from various universities attaining the pedagogic formation education in 2015-2016 academic calendar. The Flipped Classroom technique has been previously introduced to the candidate teachers and the attitude scale containing 37 items has been applied. Also, the strong and weak points of this technique were tried to be determined from the perspectives of candidate teachers via the aid of open ended questions. In the last stage of the study, the candidate teachers were asked to prepare three to five minutes lecture videos related with their branches. It is known that the lecture videos are the backbone of the Flipped Classroom approaches. And videos were examined with various quality criteria. In addition to this, the first stage of attitude scale were realized about the Flipped Classroom. It can be proposed that the probable attitude scale can have three factors. Especially, the candidate teachers in in applied field of education such as medicine and physical education etc., have more positive attitudes towards this technique. Beside these, the increase in readiness level of both students and teachers are the major advantages and ref back of this method.

Flipped classroom, attitude, teacher education, technology, perception


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