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In March 2011, Turkey was the most affected country by the mass migration that emerged as a result of the civil war that started in Syria. Turkey, which implements the open door policy for asylum seekers from Syria, which is a border neighbor of 911 km, first accepted asylum seekers in April 2011. According to data from 2017, more than 2.7 million Syrians live in temporary shelter centers and outside these centers. Local governments, both central and local, are working hard to solve the problems of accommodation, education, health and so on of Syrian asylum seekers. However, it is also important that the work of non-governmental organizations, which can often be seen as supportive factors in addition to these studies. In particular, in the area of protection of the social acceptance levels of Syrian asylum seekers, NGOs play an important role in solving educational problems, as well as providing counseling services for reaching these services. Various NGOs operating in many parts of the country, even if they are outside of their main occupation, see it as a social responsibility and carry out various activities and support programs in overcoming the difficulties that Syrian asylum seekers have. Adıyaman is a province where asylum seekers are concentrated because it is one of 26 temporary shelters operating in Turkey. In this research, various NGOs in Adıyaman province evaluated the success levels of the programs they have undertaken in order to ensure the peaceful life of asylum seekers and local people by taking active roles at different levels, the solutions they have produced in terms of education, accommodation and health and the works they have done in order to gain profession in asylum. According to the results of the projects and the outputs of these projects of the associations trying to support the various projects to the Syrian refugees, it is found that it is necessary to intensify the activities of the NGOs on this issue, especially the enrichment of the contents of the occupational programs, the increase of legal support, case management and guidance services and the necessity of giving psychosocial counseling services.

Migration, Non-Governmental Organizations, Adıyaman, Syrian refugees.

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