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Because of uncertainty in the administration of the Ottoman State made a negative impact to all country, during Second Constitution Era. Thus, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Serbia and other governments in Balkans were problem for Ottoman State. Muslim population has encountered many difficulties in here. States wishing to benefit from the space wanted to gain from this situation. This complex case was caused to emerge of some events. One of them Albanian Rebellion was occured in 1910 and continued to Balkan War. This rebellion took place in newspapers. We have examined news which is about rebellion. We want to give different sizes of rebellion. It is stated that’s why the riot started. One of opinion, people didin’t accept the taxs which was made by second constitution administration. The rebellion targeted a independence. Another reason for the rebellion is the Committee of Union and Progress and ıt’s policies. Process of rebellion, subject of how to prevent rebellion and subject of military intervention were important news in press. From time to time the riots subsided. But then restart. Sometime discussed with the rebels and decisions are taken. For example rebels were said “We don’t recognize sultan, outside Halife Sultan Mehmed Reshad”. İn this study examined Tanin, Saday-ı Millet, Yeni Gazete and Sabah newspapers.

Albanian Rebellion, Ottoman Press, Balkans


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