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Helping and interdependency in Islam in urbanization context: Neighborhood Case
Abstra Human is a social entity. It is rather difficult for any of its members to live alone if not impossible. People living as a community have reciprocal rights to claim and responsibilities to care for. Neighborhood right constitutes of the ruling sets forming the social life. Neighborhood rights are of the great importance among the rights entitled to Muslims. The subject is supported and constrained with many Holy verses of Quran (Ayah) and Hadith. However, it is difficult to say that Muslims observe those rights and responsibilities properly. Industrialization and urbanization have caused many challenges especially in the modern age. They have caused and contributed into declination in neighborhood relations. Neighbors are very close to each other spatially but to too distant in hearts and minds. People residing upstairs and downstairs or opposite may not recognize each other. The present article focuses on the importance of the neighborhood is Islam, challenges caused by urbanization, and offers suggestions.

Neighbor, Islam Religion, Ayah, Hadith, Urbanization.


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