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Excess is an ancient phenomenon which has passed throughout the past eras and reached us and still continues to live with all its kinds. This phenomenon has such a huge effect that not only divided the Muslims into the small sects and groups but also kindled wars between these groups and leaded them to blame one another of disbelief, polytheism, immorality and heresy. If only the condition of the Muslims was this only. On the contrary a lot of serious wars aroused among Muslim groups. Some of groups supported some excessive groups and aided them with money, weapon and manpower. These excessive groups follow the footprints of the Kharijites and want to compel all the other people to accept their ideas on details of Islamic Law and by doing all these they try to destroy the nature of human being on which Allah has created them. If Allah has wanted all the Muslims to agree in all the Laws of Islam and not controverse even in one topic then he would has revealed his book with certain and clear laws on which no different thoughts could controverse. But on the contrary he has revealed his book including muhkam-mutashabih and so on. And his prophet’s responsibility was to explain his orders, so has the Prophet (pbuh) explained the Islamic thougths when his companions needed. The companions has interpreated the book when they needed and of course their discretions were different from one another. So his prophethood was a de facto prophethood which dealt with the human being accordingly with their nature and these of course required the people to have different ideas, thoughts and position because of their different skills and faculties.

Excess, Controversy, Ethic of Controversy


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