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The Shanghai Five has been created in 26 April 1996 with the participation of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan when the USA wanted to establish a single-pole world order risking the presence of Russia in the Central Asia and Russia collaborated by delaying the problems with China and Iran. It has been named as Shanghai Cooperation Organization upon inclusion of Uzbekistan in 2001. The organization’s objective was to create a harmonious society, achieve the highest level of economic improvement in the region, establish an effective platform for the accelerated international transformation and chose security, regional energy network, transportation, financial cooperation and communication as key words. The article named ‘Russia’s Economic Performance in Shanghai Cooperation Organization analysed the economic performance of Russia within the organization as one of the most important members. Part I of the present study is focused on historical development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Part II is about Russia’s economic performance and Part III is about future of Shanghai Organization. In conclusion, it is understood that Russia has certain characteristics such as the important position drawing attention as centre of energy and economy that is substantially dependent on oil and natural gas exports, etc. As China is the biggest trade partner contributing to Russia’s economic performance, Russia became dependent on China economically. Apart from such dependency of Russia, energy is highly important for Chinese economy and this importance forces Russia towards a mechanism dependent on China about the energy.

security, regional energy network, financial cooperation and communication.


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