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There is no need to welcome with concern any prose to translate another language. Because; it's a truth that even not traslating one to one but little reading differences would not harm neither aouthor nor text. But translating a poem to another language is a different specialization and needs a good care.In fact possible to describe translation is re-constructing the text. It's possible to face such examples about it in our literature. However if a poem translated 9 times with different pointviews in different times; that situation must evaluate in different place. We will look into how Rudyard Kipling's poem "if" , translated many times into our language with different feelings and manners, show an alteration. The poem that mentioned translated by Hüseyin Daniş in "Kervan-ı Ömür" titled as "Eğer" (1926). Later on Fikret Adil published a prosaic translation trial in"Resimli Şark Mecmusı" and anonym translation in "Muhit Mecmuası" (1931). Hamid Dereli's prose style free translation in "Ülke Mecmuası" follows it. (1939). Also Dr. Derviş Manizade's translation "Şayet"(1941) that published in "Perde-Sahne Mecmuası" and Remzi Çetindağ's translation in "Mobil Dergisi" follows it in 1962. Bülent Ecevit's translation which titled as "Adam Olmak" is the most remarkable one. Also we know that Gökhan Evliyaoğlu bring in a new shape to tihs poem as dividing ir's long verses. With all that Can Yücel's translation should'nt forgetten. Due to the difficulty in considering all of these translations, in the study; Translations of Daniş, Adil and Ecevit will be compared in terms of poetry. Thus, it will be possible to reveal and scrutinize which reductions, duplications and interpretations in the translations of the aforementioned text have changed the poem.

"If" poem, rudyard kipling, poem translations, tansfer poetry, adaptation


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