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Veysî’s “Dürretü’t-Tâc fî Sîreti Sâhibi’l-Mi’râc” which is also known as “Siyer-i Veysî” is the first example of siyer in Turkish literature. Upon the death of the writer, approximately ten addendums were made on the work. One of these addendums were made by Koçhisârîzâde Süleymân Tâlip, about whom we do not have much information. The only written manuscript of the work is in Berlin State Library. The work, which is understood to have been completed in 1206/1792, was written as an addendum to Nâbî's first addendum. The work, which begins with the Benî Kaynukâ Gazvesi, ends with the letter of invitation to Islam sent to the Yemâme judge, Hevze bin Alî. Like the works of Zeyl, Veysî and Nâbî, they were written in an artistic language and style, and verse pieces were included. In this study, information about the siyer tradition, Siyer-i Veysî and its addendums were given, and Süleymân Tâlib's "Zeyl-i Siyer-i Veysî" was tried to be introduced in terms of its structure, content and language-style features.

Koçhisârîzâde Süleymân Tâlib, Siyer-i Veysî, siyer, addendum.


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