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History revival refers to a strategy employed by minority groups, who are usually in need of basic rights, justice, or respect. This approach aims to secure their social and political identity and establish an extent of social gratitude and recognition by approving original cultural logic; which holds that ancient traditions are immutable and peculiar to the group, and passed down only by inheritance and ancestry. Gloria Naylor (1950- 2016) is one of the famous sponsors that aims to show the great Afro-American culture. She writes artistic novels in American dialect but deep inside reveals the rich culture, history, and tradition of Afro- American people. Naylor reflects the inner lives of African people in settings ranging from the suburbs to a fictitious Southern island free from slavery and white oppression. Naylor converts the investigation mostly to culture, which turned into a persisting issue for the late twentieth century. In Linden Hills, Naylor exposed the hidden history of the Nedeed’s females. Through the story of Willa, Naylor portraits the life of Afro-American females who are supposed to follow male standards. Yet Willa rejected their law and search deeply for her African roots.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Afro-American, culture, double-voiced, history, Linden Hills, servitude.


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