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During the Republic era, we've had many linguists who put in work to make the Turkish language get the value it deserves. One of them was with his known name, Besim Atalay, or; with his full name, Ahmet Besim Atalay. Atalay was a Turkish language lover who is notorious for the services he provided for the Turkish language, for his views on "the return to the original sources in the language" and the most important of all, for his translation of "Divanü Lügati't-Türk". However; Atalay, one of our important linguists, must also be researched for his substantial academic studies besides his "Divanü Lügati't-Türk" translation. The purpose of this academic study is to review Besim Atalay's contributions to the Turkish language as a linguist. In this academic study, a qualitative research method which is the document analysis method has been utilized. The documents analyzed within the context of the study are the books Besim Atalay has written for the Turkish language's development and his articles about the Turkish language published in magazines at various times. Atalay has graduated from both the late-era Ottoman madrasas and Teacher's College in İstanbul University. That indicates he is a scholar who had both known the Ottoman era and the first years of the Republic era. Besides Arabic and Farsi Atalay had also known the different Turkish dialects and was a member of the Turkish Language Association for 19 years. He has written about the Turkish grammar and the different dialects of the Turkish language and tried to show the Turkish language's riches and its superior features. With the influence of Sun-Language Theory, he even has alleged that the Turkish language is superior to all of the other languages.

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