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The educational Qur’anic studies in Islamic colleges are the reason after God in bonding society and educating its members to belong to the religion and the ummah, and that it is the one that educates young people to obey God and his messenger the nation, and that it creates a Muslim generation proud of its religion proud of its belonging to the country of sanctities, a generation able to defend His country and his nation if the crises intensified. Many of the lessons of scientific subjects are related to Qur’anic verses and hadiths of the Prophet which call for observation and contemplation of creation or doing something or forbidding another that modern science has proven necessary. The experiences provided by academic studies in monotheism, jurisprudence, interpretation, language and other Sharia sciences are a group of facts that students memorize for the exam and then be forgotten and neglected, but their presence should be continuous in the students' view and thought of the universe, man and life by repeatedly mentioning them and educating students to understand them and digest their meaning. , In a smooth manner that is likable to students, and application in situations in the daily lives of learners that enrich these experiences, enrich them and confirm them in their minds. The renaissance of individuals and nations can only be achieved through action and being guided by the teachings of the Qur’an, its rules and wise systems in which all the elements of happiness for the human race and society are taken into account in all the knowledge surrounding its wise Creator. What it contained in advice, rationalization, and familiarity with his principles through that tremendous strength carried by his clever and miraculous manner. The human mind, as God has prepared it for knowledge, always tries to know the principle of existence and the destiny of existence, so that it is possible for it to chart its path in this existence and try to make it into the unknown, for fear of it, and the research will clarify the details of that, and God is the successor.

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Qur’anic studies, community building, Qur’an teaching, Islamic curricula, community behaviors, linking behaviors with the teachings of the Qur’an.


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