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the current research deals with the study of persuasive grooming in the design of internal spaces through creativity in building visual scenes, and that the convective and performance richness reflected in the interior design of sales spaces is a marketing communication message that has its motivating and persuasive action. the role of persuasive grooming in the design of interior spaces)? therefore, the aim was to clarify the role of persuasive grooming in designing the internal spaces for spaces for selling antiques and gifts in terms of performance and marketing. the first chapter included the importance of research, the need for it and the limits of research and its terminology. the second topic: persuasion and influence on the recipient, and through those investigations, the theoretical framework indicators that feed into the topic of the research were reached, which helped in reaching a systematic method for the research adopted in the third chapter, which included the research procedures and methodology ،the relative verification of the creative aspect in expressing the aesthetic function of the means of presentation with the absence of modern techniques. the most prominent conclusions were the absence of the role of the aesthetic function value in the sales spaces as a promotional dimension and the classification of that value as an advertising means that has an effective role in achieving the act of grooming.

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Grooming, Persuasion, Design, Inner Spaces


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