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A language_ in general_ is the link among people in which they can communicate; as speakers, Arabic can be considered as the strongest interconnected bonds among its native speakers; so ((Arabic is the most prominent manifestation of Arabic culture, and it is the most expressive and impact language as it has been described as National Affection Container, in deed, there is no national culture without national language)). Arabic should be preserved with its strength to lead to its purpose. For making it the communication language among us to express ourselves and to illustrate to our objects to live with us and by us. But there are big challenges that face our language, Arabic; so obviously the clearest one of them is the globalization in concept of language that imposes its sovereignty a particular language on others in the world and exclude the others to do their purpose of communication among people. That could be seen clearly in terms of using Arabic in daily life by its native speakers and spread foreign words and phrases between its structures that used by its native speakers. Moreover, changing its structural words and phrases to be used daily, as a result disfigured language structure. So that we have to stand and face this mess up which try to storm on Arabic indirectly by using its native speakers. To face this dander, we need to repair Arabic from any simple deflection and that can be happened by keeping and using its words, phrases and structures as standard, and filtering it from deep inside, and tighten it up by translating it into Arabic to be updated, and everyone can see how it is important to be a living language to get performance and public.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Arabic, National Culture, Changing World.


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