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The importance of child culture stems from its primary function of transforming a newborn from a biological being into a social being. However, since it is a social upbringing, culture occupies an important place during the years of childhood and up to adulthood. During these crucial years, the process of social belonging takes place and self-identity is formed in which the social environment, with its various stimuli and media, plays a decisive role. Culture is not confined to the formation of identity, but goes beyond it to form the personality in its entirety and to define behavior and its orientations by directing the growth processes in its various emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral dimensions. Thus, the child's culture is not just a process of intellectual upgrading and refinement of the senses, but rather a preparation for the future. This is true of the issue of strengthening national identity and making the future in an era of escalation of cultural interaction (acculturation) and open borders. The impossibility of retrenchment lies in the ability of childhood to cultural change, to be influenced by new currents and to respond to them, leading to their adoption. Childhood cannot remain in a vacuum, stumbling, or cultural conflict, as this opens the way or avenues for spreading the alternatives presented by the cultural invasion. This research paper aims to adjust the conceptual framework for the culture of the child and the challenges of the age, and put it on the path of the scientific method to frame and present it to students, researchers and specialists. To address this topic, the researcher touched on the importance of child culture, its orientations, general issues affecting the orientation of child culture, scientific research and studies on child culture, cultural upbringing, and finally the contradictions between traditional cultural upbringing and upbringing through communication techniques.

Child Culture, Future Challenges, Behavioral Dimensions.


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