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The theme of the foreign concessions in Iran considers from the most important subjects in the Iran’s modern history, because its traces touched every side of the Society and the States sides in this big and important Country in the Middle East, as Iran was for different consideration in the place of the concern of the emulation of the power full forces in the scope of its early concern to find influence places for her in the Arabic Gulf area and the Middle east in general, to open in front of her the way of the surveillance and setting the Economics and political benefits. The current study aims on the way of observation and the historic continuation and the analysis to put the light on a very important period from the west submerge in Iran, during the Qajar Iran period. Historical; the Anglo - Russian competition continuous, which took competition form and struggle alongside of the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the twentieth century, as a lonely element and systematics, and very strong influence in the Iran interior and external policy. It is impossible to understand numerous sides of the developments which happened in the modern Iran, whether on the local policy, and may be at the same level on the level of the external policy, except on the light of understanding the nature of the relations which banded Iran with these great forces, which took what we can describe: nature of struggle – cooperation on the spot light on the strength balance, which had been imposed by these surveillance forces, which had been continued for long decades expanded until the first quarter of the twentieth century .Also, this study prepares the opportunity to know the trace which had been left behind of the west submerge, and the Iran connection with the international capitalist market, on the international socialist and economic structures in this country, and the deep alteration which starts to observe it, whether on the duty of the country and its structure, or on the economics level.

Qajar, Iran, concessions, Russia, Britain


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