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The issue of apocalypse and its nature have been one of the main subjects discussed amongst the Islamic scholars. The issue of apocalypse has been a subject of discussion for hadith, exegetics and fiqh scholars and sometimes for theologians. The relation between sunnah and apocalypse has always been discussed because of especially vahy-i metluv / apocalypse that has been recited and vahy-i gayr-i metluv / apocalypse that has not been recited. Islamic scholars suggest various ideas while discussing the relation between apocalypse and sunnah. The discussion conducted by Islamic scholars on importance of sunnah, its nature and the dignity to be attributed to it are of great significance.The Holy Prophet not only communicated the ayahs, expounded and applied them but also laid down certain rules. The reference point is whether he established these rules through apocalypse from Allah which are out of Quran or these were originated from his own observations. If these were resulted from his own observations and opinions, that is not directly notices or ratifications from Allah, Holy Prophet is said to have laid down rules as results of his own experiences and observations making use of unwritten social rules of the society and rules of Christians and Jews. These are the major issues to be discussed properly by Islamic scholars. Islamic scholars who make distinctions between Quran and Hadith related to apocalypse use certain terms. The most common of them “vahy-i matluv” used for Quran, and “vahy-i gayr-i matluv” for sunnah. They imply hadith to be result of apocalypse. This distinctions is also described as vahy-i celi, vahy-i hafi and vahy-i batın. Orientalists and Islamic scholars with the same opinion argue sunnah is not apocalypse but opinion and interpretations of the Holy Prophet. According to them the Prophet has made use of conjuncture and his own experiences. They assert the only religious rules with apocalyptic origin are the ones in the Quran. As above mentioned, Islamic scholars have discussed these subjects but have not received a common decision, even sometimes have stood at opposite ends. The present study outlines the old and new ideas about this subject and explains the subject especially in scope of Ahzab 33/37 and Tahrim 66/3.

Vahy-i Metluv, Vahy-i Gayri Metluv, Sunnah, Hadith.


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