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Those who intend to choose a major in educational and psychological sciences must realize the need for the expectation effect associated with Cattell's theory on (optimism and pessimism) that leaves its mark on young people in the prime of their lives, especially in the middle school stage, and the need to know the existence of these two characteristics and their degree in them through means that do not arouse great interest They have especially since this age group in which the person is more sensitive,which must be dealt with cautiously,and therefore methods such as questionnaires and questions are embarrassing, and the best alternative to them is the projective drawings that we can obtain through the art education lesson, but we must first:get to know the characteristics that They appear in the drawings of optimists and pessimists, each on one side, and accordingly the research requested the use of two tools:1. A tool that reveals my feature (optimism - pessimism).2. A tool for analyzing the fees of second-grade intermediate students according to the two characteristics. The researcher built a symmetric tool (optimism - pessimism) which is based on the theory of (Cattel) for his research, as the number of the scale sample reached(380)students from the second intermediate grade,and the characteristics (psychometric) of the measurement items were verified by testing (t) and the coherence coefficient. By choosing the correlation coefficient (Pearson) (R) and checking the psychometric properties of the scale for each (truthfulness, reliability) and finding the percentage of error in the scale of the scale (standard error), the researcher also used the graphic analysis tool that he built (Al Bayati 2004) to match it with the content analysis method that It is required to.achieve this research. The tool consisted of three main domains comprising (9) sub-domains, of which (28) classes were divided into(30)features for drawing,and after the researcher verified its validity and reliability,the researcher and external analysts analyzed a sample of the fees as the parameters of stability ranged It has between (786.0 - 842.0),and all the transactions were statistically significant at the level (05.0). The two tools were applied on the main research sample, whose number reached (150) students, as the measurement tool applied the two features (optimism 1- pessimism) on Their responses to the questions and their drawings were subjected to analysis of the graphics tool, and the results were shown the following: 1. The research showed that there are differences in the characteristics of fees among those with (optimism - pessimism), and the difference between their percentages was statistically significant at the level of (05.0).

Anahtar Kelimeler
The Theory, Psychological, Relationship.


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