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The scholars of the Ummah and its scholars continued to play a major role in the state policy and the life of the society, whether through their jurisprudence provisions that adapt the life of the nation to the teachings and values of Islam, or by their efforts to reform state institutions through their participation in them, or through advice and preaching to the caliphs. The princes, and members of society, which leads to correct the course of the political process and preserve the life of society, and that the term scientists in the first Abbasid term are engaged in religious sciences, and devoted their lives in the collection of these sciences until they reached the level of diligence, and scientists in the first Abbasid roles in Neighborhood According to the personal circumstances of each of them, and according to the personal nature of these scholars, some of them participated directly through working in the functions of the state, such as states, the judiciary, grievances, etc., and some of their roles came through the sermons and advice that they provided when they came to the caliphs. These sermons and advice varied between severity and softness, weakness, strength, cruelty and kindness between bashing and courtship, depending on the personal nature of the world, and according to the approach taken, and according to the necessity of the article or through correspondence between them and the caliphs. Successors, princes and respect and seek to gain satisfaction, and seeking the views and reasoning to go the helm of government, which is in line with the general picture and the dominant feature of the Abbasid era.

Anahtar Kelimeler
First Abbasid Period, Authorship and Translation, Caliphs and Ulama, Houses of Ulama.


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