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It is the responsibility of the interior designer to tame the familiar and unfamiliar technical (intellectual, material, and technological) data as design means to break out of the familiar context in interior design and surprise the user with a new design event that is emotionally caressing psychologically and physically alluring which is not an easy matter in a time where knowledge is within everyone's reach, and the reasons for achieving the design event became a creative evaluation by the user, not only at the formative level, but also at the space level as a design event that is dealt with by a causal and not inevitable manner, Achieving the event of surprise in designing interior spaces has proved to be a great challenge to the interior designer's abilities to think of out of the ordinary and bypassing the user's cognitive reference as an experience to achieve the emotions of surprise, suspense, attraction, interaction and enjoyment with its positive progression away from emotional confusion in dealing with the event, so we conducted an extensive study that addressed the research problem, its importance and purpose, while indicating its limits. In order to avoid confusion, most key terms mentioned, were defined, and the theoretical framework included two topics: the first of which dealt with the design event and its causal process, while the second dealt with the surprise event in interior design, its causes and consequences. Ultimately, a set of conclusions were drawn that summarized the scientific and objective process of research starting with the problem down to its goal: The surprise occurrence in the interior design, the partial becoming occurring at the level of the whole, and the overall process occurring at the level of the part. Numerous recommendations were also made.


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