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Turkey's energy strategy and policies can be summarized as sustaining energy efficiency, energy savings, use of energy efficient and ensuring the safety of the site and energy routes. In addition, in this context, reducing external dependency and ensuring sustainable development, struggling over climate change and protecting environmental rights can be added. In the context of Turkey's dependence on foreign energy policy would be an ongoing problem even with the natural gas reserves recently found in Blacksea Region. When evaluated in this respect, it is understood that energy policy strategies occupy an important place in the context of the country's general national policies, economic and security policies. For these reasons, the Aegean Sea is important both at the point of security and transmission of energy routes and at the point of researching its potential to contribute to energy production –and also ensuring the policies of energy, economy and geostrategic security of Turkey. In addition, it is known that the Aegean Sea region and its surroundings are strategically located in between Europe where energy consumption rates have been high and the Middle East and Asia regions where energy production centers, which it means contributing to the energy transfer policies. The study aimed to contain the evaluation of the Aegean Sea within perspective of energy policies and strategies. In this manner, it is structured as two main topics of (1) strategic management and (2) energy management, and then the study is included the attempts of connecting the Aegean sea and these two concepts.

Strategic Management, Energy Management, Energy Policies, Aegean Sea


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