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Baghdad directly affected the civilization of Andalusia, as science students and scholars of Andalusia flocked to Baghdad, taking from it and impersonating its science and knowledge, where Baghdad embraces its greedy Knowledge and knowledge. The books of biographies are filled with the names of many Andalusian scholars who entered Baghdad to seek knowledge, and a desire to contact their scholars, writers and scholars, and to return to Andalusia carrying the knowledge and knowledge that they obtained, so they copied many books and transferred them to Andalusia. The origin of Baghdad and Andalusia is clearly on the prosperity, and Andalusia advanced in various fields and fields of science, literature and knowledge, and was a reason for the birth of Islamic civilization in Andalusia, and then led to scientific maturity and the completion of building the Andalusian scientific personality. The scientific movement in Andalusia initially relied on the efforts of the scholars of Baghdad and the Islamic East, but the matter did not last long, and Andalusia soon remained independent of it during the reign of Abd al-Rahman al-Nasir (300-350AH / 912-961AD), and many scholars, philosophers and historians appeared Like Ibn Rushd, Abbas Ibn Firnas, the rulers of Andalusia were sponsored by science and scholars, so they built the role of books, established schools and libraries, and pamphlets to teach boys the Arabic language, its literatures and the principles of Islam along the lines of the Kataeb system in the Arab Mashreq.

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