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Today, this nation regarded as Turkish speaking communities tries to express themselves and think about the results of being brothers through Turkish language. The loss of alphabet means to be forgotten the culture and celestial values. A nation leaves indelible traces through culture, language and alphabet connecting its history and future to each other. The rock paintings which were begun to be made in order to depict the beliefs forming the culture were useful to tell and narrate the way,of living, social life and wars of the people living in that period. The seals which were accredited periods of thought, that is, the previous stage of the formation of Bengü Taş Alphabet have become the indispensable instruments of culture transportation. The regulations were completely made with only ideologic purposes in the Kiril alphabet passed through after 1938. Today, the Kiril alphabet has been improved separately in Turkestan Republics. The most evident ones of which were made depending on the alphabet in Uzbekistan literary language were directed to cripple the basic rules of Turkish. The fact that the Kiril letters were applied to Turkish language provided facility to a great extent that Russians basterdized the Turkish language and culture and it almost led to corrupt it. The most important trait of this alphabet substituted politically was that Turks began to use a writing system without their own desires and willpower for the first time. The serious strides made in the way of advancement and progress begin by making useful Bengü Taş which we accept as culture flag. The way of this goes through education. While the cultural interaction showed itself in many areas of the society, its real effect shows on the alphabet becoming the first means of culture conveyance. The assurance of societies' being long-lived goes through language and culture. While the variation existed in the culture changes the alphabet, it determines the future of that nation at the same time. In this way, the most important deficiency will be removed to be able to form a nation that can reach its contemporary targets by taking power from its history.

alphabet, culture, change, education, Uzbekistan

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