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Musa Kazim, who is the former vice-governor of Adana-Kozan, is often confused with others because of similarity of name. Vice-governor Musa Kazim is often been confused the Ottoman Shaykh al-Islam Musa Kazım of Erzurum. There is little information about his biography. We are learning from Muallim Cevdet, of which Musa Kazim is interested in the science of Pedagogy. Muallim Cevdet holds a conference on the 70th anniversary of the teacher's school (1918). At the conference, Muallim Cevdet says that Ayşe Sıdıka Hanım and Aristokli Efendi and Musa Kazim in the Ottoman Empire deal with the science of pedagogy. There is no one other than these. We have traced this brief knowledge. We did a very rigorous study. We have identified the books and articles of Musa Kazim. We found that some of his works could not printed for various reasons. He has two books on the science of pedagogy. One of these is the two-volume. The first book is Guidance to the Ministry of Provincial Education Officers Training and Education (First Volume: 1310/1894), (Second Volume: 1313/1897). The 13th issue of the second volume of this work is History of Pedagogy. The extended version of this section is “Hükema-i Cihân Tâlim ve Terbiye Târihi” (Original name: Les philosophes du monde et l’histoire de la pedagogie) (1327/1911). His other work on the science of pedagogy has not been published. Musa Kazim says that his main interest is History Philosophy but he is interested in psychology and pedagogy as a result of necessity. The History of Pedagogy in our country in Education Faculties does not take place in the programs. Looking at the level of his works, the contemporary educational knowledge and tradition of pedagogy in our country need a serious critique. Musa Kazim graduated from Galatasaray High School. He worked as district vice-governor in Adana-Kozan. In this article, it will be explained how these two works occupy a place in the Pedagogy Discipline and Pedagogy History in Turkey.

Musa Kazim, Philosophers of the World and the History of Pedagogy, Guide for Education and Training,


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