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After human childhood, the men trie to think about certain ideals and shape his future around these ideals. Without subjecting to any classification, ideals both limit the present life of one and determine perspective set a perspective on the future. Ideally, it is the product of one's thinking world and culture is an important one that develops both the source of this thought and the ability of people to live together. Culture must be transferred to future generations by preserving the values that make up it. Providing this is possible only if the values are included in the lives of communities, not individual individuals. It is one of the important methods that can be used in introducing the people who accept the values of the society in which they live, the understanding of their priorities and the transfer of the culture to future generations. Because social values live in social memory and life. This is a sacred liturgy adorned with religious values. We see the thought of leaving this heritage as a bearer of nominal name and a holy religion which is firstly described by Mehmet Akif, Necip Fazıl and later by Nurettin Topcu from Sezai Karakoc. This name was expressed as Asım in Akif, as Mehmet in Necip Fazil, in as Resurrection Generation in Sezai Karakoc, agonies, thoughts, anticipations from time to time this generation, sometimes confident, is sometimes a comrade. Sezai Karakoc, who is an economist, a philosopher, writer, a poet and a political identity, is hard to understand, does noTR45 0001 5001 5800 7302 3800 98t drop the level of understanding the interlocutors, always sets a top bar for his writings, it is evaluated that the cultural values of the Resurrection Generation will be instrumental increating a holymarkin the name of the future as well as he life of today.

Mehmet Akif, Necip Fazıl, Nurettin Topcu, Sezai Karakoc, Generation, Resurrection Nesil, Diriliş.


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