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Seen anywhere in the world, especially in developing countries, urbanization is reflected even more. As a result of rapid urbanization further growth of metropolitan areas, outside of municipal boundaries lead to irregular and unplanned development as he opened the big cities at least some of these problems to solve include the search for new management models were entered into. Practices around the world, as in our country, metropolitan managing our municipalities normal for municipalities a different management system adoption need was felt, and in the 1980s, excessive population growth and migration intensified with the city to solve the problems, a new local governance model creation efforts gained momentum. Carried out in our country in recent years an important part of public administration reform in the field of local governance arrangements are carried out. This comprehensive and powerful reform movement made arrangements with the country's centralized, hierarchical and rigid structure of the administrative system of decentralized, participatory, transparent and accountable structure is required to be converted. Metropolitan There are several criteria that distinguish it from other cities, this is undoubtedly the extent of the share of the population density is slightly higher. Greatly exceeds the population of a metropolitan city is normal. The rapid increase in world population lives in cities and the majority of them choose to pursue an urban issues since the 1950s or the metropolitan metropolitan problems were added. Due to the emergence of metropolitan cities will bear the burden of public services related to the economic aspects of development began to grow in importance. Because now you no longer need traditional services and traditional methods have become unable to answer. If the solution of the problem in question the need for a new management and financial resources has given rise; the municipality has developed this concept further and brought up to date. Gained momentum in recent years along with the development, within the framework of new public management in many countries around the world is going through fundamental changes in this context, it is seen that in an effort to change and development. In this context, Turkey and the winds of change to keep pace with these developments, as well as to implement in accordance with their own management structure was put into the effort. In this context, in the context of restructuring in the new regulations, new laws are trying to put into practice. In this context, research in Turkey metropolitan municipality has been focused on the development of research on the historical processes that make up the backbone of the new Law on Metropolitan Municipalities critical assessment will be made. The implications of the new Act, the positive and negative aspects will be discussed.

Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 6360, globalization, decentralization, participation.


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